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New puppy training and dog training services, Henley-on-Thames

We’re here!

Complete Canine Dog Training has moved, and landed in Henley-on-Thames, with new puppy training and dog training classes and a range of one-to-one training services for you to choose from, plus a brand new website to tell you all about them!

Vizsla puppy loose-lead walking in puppy class
Puppy training class

The Complete Canine Blog

We’ve also got this fab new little blog going through which we’ll be sharing advice, tips, news and stories about all things dog, including dog training, dog behaviour and dog health.

In fact, since we’re talking about it, we’d like to invite you to subscribe to The Complete Canine Blog right now!

It’s FREE and you only need to let us know your first name and email address, then every month you’ll receive your personalised copy of The Complete Canine Blog straight to your email inbox.

Our puppy training and dog training services

We’ve got a range of training options for both puppies and adult dogs, whether you’ve found each other through a breeder, rescue centre or elsewhere. Every dog is special, and every dog matters!

For puppies...

If you’re a new or expectant puppy owner you’re probably well aware by now that new puppies, like new babies, need a LOT of attention paying to their needs. This can feel somewhat overwhelming at times, but there are many ways to help make those early days and weeks easier, and much more fun, for you and your puppy. Complete Canine Dog Training is here to help you avoid puppy mayhem and instead enjoy puppy heaven!

Puppy resting head on toy at home
Puppy at home with toy

Click here to find out more about our New Puppy Home Visits, designed to help you understand and provide for your puppy’s physical, psychological and social enrichment needs, starting with the home environment and household routines, branching out into puppy’s early experiences of the outside world, and setting you off on your shared journey of developing understanding and communication through basic training.

Two puppies socialising playing on the floor together
Puppy socialisation

Click here to find out more about our Life Skills (Foundation) Classes for puppies up to 16 weeks of age. These classes provide a great environment for your young puppy to develop their social skills with other puppies / new people and gain exposure to novel experiences, whilst you both have fun learning how to understand and communicate with one another through a range of training activities.

For puppies, dogolescents and adult dogs...

Why should all the fun and learning stop after puppyhood? It doesn’t have to. We’d like to let you in on a little secret…you know the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – well, it’s NOT true!! Training’s not just for puppies. Most doggy teens and adult dogs, plus many owners, love to learn new skills and enjoy having some training fun together. Complete Canine Dog Training is here to help show you just how successful all dogs (and owners!) can be.

Dachsund puppy loose-lead walking during puppy training class
Loose-lead walking during puppy training class

Click here to find out more about our Life Skills (Stage 1) Classes for puppies aged 14 weeks to 6 months old (Infants) and puppies and adult dogs aged 6 months and over (Juniors & Adults). These classes have been developed to help your puppy or adult dog to learn key life skills, and to give you a solid foundation in core training and management techniques.

Cocker Spaniel recall training in woodland
One-to-one recall training

Click here to find out more about our One-to-One Training sessions, designed to provide you with the opportunity to receive the exclusive attention of a trainer to work with you, focusing specifically on behaviours / training goals that are most important to you and your puppy / dog, at a time and location that are most convenient for you.

Rescue dog
Rescue dog

Click here to find out more about our Rescue Dog Support sessions, designed to help you understand and provide for the specific needs of dogs who are coping with the major upheaval of moving into a new home, in particular those who have been in stressful temporary accommodation such as rehoming kennels, and / or have been exposed to negative experiences in their previous home.

Further training

We plan to continue adding to our range of services as we secure further training venues, and will add our new training choices to our website as soon as we have them. We’ll also shout about them in our Blog, so if you’d like to be alerted to our new offerings, why not subscribe to The Complete Canine Blog!

We hope that you’ve found this little introduction to Complete Canine Dog Training interesting and useful, and that you’ve decided to keep up to date with us by subscribing to The Complete Canine Blog (we promise that’s the last time we mention it in this post!).

To register your interest in any of our puppy training or dog training options, please complete and submit the Registration Form on the Booking Information page of our website.

To ask us about anything else, please do get in touch with me (Sara!) via any of the methods outlined on the Contact page of our website, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

“Be Your Dog’s Best Friend” with Complete Canine Dog Training.


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