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Life Skills (Stage 1) Puppy Classes

Are you looking for puppy classes…


  • That are safe, welcoming and well-organised


  • Where you and your pup can relax and have fun, while learning a bunch of super-useful life skills


  • Which help you nurture your puppy’s social, psychological and physical development


  • Where questions are always welcomed, and answers seek to dispel myths and deepen understanding based on science facts and compassionate ethics



We want you and your puppy to enjoy your early learning experiences together, therefore…


  • Our classes are small so that you and your puppy receive plenty of individual attention and support


  • We include a diverse, and always useful, mix of training techniques and games, to keep every class fun and interesting for you and your pup!


  • Each puppy’s interactions with other puppies, people and the environment are expertly-observed and explained, to help you successfully socialise your puppy, and help them to feel safe and confident whatever life throws at them


  • The training field has oodles of space, so you won’t have to struggle constantly trying to stop your puppy focussing on the other pups and people in the class


  • Your trainer is qualified, experienced, professional, friendly, and passionate about helping you and your pup succeed!


So what will you and your puppy learn?


​We’ve pulled together a collection of skills that we know are among the most vital for the well-being of you and your puppy, and those which are most desired by dog guardians, including:


  • Focus / attention towards you

  • Walking on a loose-lead - no pulling!

  • Coming back to you when called

  • Positions - 'sit', 'down' and 'stand'

  • ‘Go to mat / bed / crate' and settle calmly

  • ‘Stay’ / 'wait’

  • Relaxed response to handling - including at the vets and groomers

  • Safety behaviours including 'leave-it' and 'drop'

  • How to play politely with people – no mouthing or biting!

  • Keeping feet-on-the-floor instead of jumping-up

  • Calm approach and greetings – with people and other dogs


Let’s just be clear on expectations!


You and your pup aren’t going to master every skill by doing it once during a six-week course, you need to practise, practise, practise between classes and continue after the course ends, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.


What’s included in Life Skills (Stage 1)?


  • 6 x 45 minute in-person group classes

  • Training notes and videos to support in-class exercises emailed after each class


  • Trainer support between classes via telephone, video call or email


  • A graduation gift for completing the course


Further course details


When can my puppy start classes?

All puppies must have completed their primary vaccination course, plus however many weeks after the final vaccine their vet says they must wait before going down on the ground in ALL environments.


If your puppy’s not ready to start classes yet, we offer a New Puppy Home Visit (before or after you bring your puppy home), and One-to-One Training sessions in your home/garden, so that you can start your puppy’s learning journey as soon as possible, and receive advice on more home-based topics such as toilet-training and separation-training, plus additional support with setting up your puppy’s home space and daily routine.


Will this course suit MY puppy?

Our Life Skills (Stage 1) Puppy Classes are for young puppies up to 20 weeks of age at the start of the course. Young dogs over 20 weeks of age are invited to join our Life Skills (Stage 1) Adolescent & Adult Dog Classes. Puppies reach adolescence at around five to six months of age, and typically become more confident and boisterous at this time, as well as being physically larger and stronger, therefore we split the ages into different classes to ensure younger puppies do not feel intimidated or get accidentally squashed!


If however, you have a five to six month old pup who is small and / or rather shy / worried about approaching other dogs, please contact Sara to discuss whether the Puppy Classes may be more appropriate for them.


How many puppies are there in a class?

A maximum of five puppies are invited to join each course to ensure that everyone gets plenty of individual attention and support from the trainer.


Who can my puppy bring to class?

To help both the pups and humans concentrate and get the most out of the classes, it is recommended that only one or two people accompany each puppy to class. Canine chums are unfortunately not permitted.


Where does the course take place?

Outdoors in a securely-fenced grass paddock at K9 Woodland Services, located just off the A4074 at Summer Barn, Cane End, RG4 9HG (approximately equidistant between the main local towns of Henley-on-Thames, Reading and Wallingford, which are all around a 15 minute drive away).



Next start dates / times:

Visit the Class Dates & Prices page


Book your place!

Complete and submit the Registration Form on the Booking Information page - we’ll email you with what you need to complete your booking.


Got a question? Contact Sara on 07833 662417 or and we’ll be happy to help!

What clients say

“Sara was very patient with us humans as well as dogs, and her knowledge and expertise really shone through during instructions and demonstrations. The small class size was great as all the dogs were able to get some more targeted instruction, and Sara was always very relaxed and calm during the sessions. I can highly recommend Sara’s classes for any new puppy owners.”

Vicky and Bran the Border Collie

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