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Rescue Dog Support

Rescue dogs are usually dealing with big changes in their life, and often need a little extra help settling into their new home.


Moving to a new home with new owners is a major upheaval for most dogs, and can be very stressful for them, no matter how wonderful their new home and family are. They may also be coming to you from a stressful temporary environment such as rehoming kennels; have recently made a disorientating journey from overseas, and / or; have been exposed to negative experiences (and / or not enough positive experiences) in their life before coming to live with you - all of which can impact your new doggy family member's ability to cope effectively with a change of circumstances, particularly in the early days and weeks.


Depending on what stage of the rehoming process you are at, I can offer support ranging from:

  • choosing the right dog

  • preparing your home for your new dog's arrival

  • what to do and what not to do during your rescue dog's first few weeks of living with you

  • building a bond with your new canine friend

  • managing special behavioural needs.

Having worked full-time as a Project Dog Handler for a major animal welfare and rehoming charity for several years, I have a wealth of experience in assessing and understanding the needs of dogs who have been relinquished or abandoned, and who are looking for a second chance to flourish with a new owner.


I will work with you to plan and implement an individually-tailored management and training programme, designed to help your new canine friend settle as quickly and smoothly as possible into their new life with you, including giving you the tools you need to work with your new rescue chum to help manage, reduce or eliminate any difficulties they may be experiencing in coping with everyday life.




For general life skills training (e.g. lead work; recall; stopping jumping-up; house-training etc):

1 hour session (in-person or via video call):  £45.00 (+ £10 for every additional 10 minutes) including provision of detailed follow-up training notes via email.

For behaviour and training support for dogs demonstrating fearful behaviour - which may be observed as reactivity or withdrawal (e.g. barking at visitors to the home; growling and lunging at people and / or dogs on walks; hiding / running away from sounds / touch; howling, destruction or catatonic behaviour when left home alone; growling and snapping when approached in possession of valued resources etc):

Please contact Sara to discuss the behaviours you are experiencing with your dog, so that we can propose a suitable package of support tailored to your / your dog's needs.

For in-person support, session / package prices apply to training locations within 5 miles of RG9 1TE.

mileage fee of 50p per mile each way is applicable to any additional miles.

To register your interest in booking a Rescue Dog Support session, please complete the Registration Form on the Booking Information page.

What clients say

“Sara is a wonderful, calming influence on Freya and helps me give her gentle but effective instruction and offers all sorts of handy tips as well."

Natalie with Freya the Doberman Pinscher

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