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Coronavirus - Service Update

National Lockdown from 5th January 2021


Please contact Sara to discuss what training support is available during the period of National Lockdown in England from 5th January 2021.

One-to-one training is designed to provide you with the opportunity to receive the exclusive attention of a trainer to work with you, focusing specifically on behaviours / training goals that are most important to you and your puppy / dog, at a time and location that are most convenient for you.


Our one-to-one training service also enables the whole family to take part in training sessions, since in-person group class training is currently limited to one owner per dog, in order to comply with UK Government guidance for England regarding limiting the spread of coronavirus, which limits participation in group activities to six people from different households.

Do your regularly find yourself saying things like:

"My dog  ...

...   pulls on the lead

...   won't come back when called

...   jumps up at people​

...   mouths, nips, bites

...   won't stop barking

...   is scared of strangers

...   can't settle

...   toilets in the house

...   resource-guards food / toys / spaces / people

...   digs up the garden

...   doesn't like having their nails clipped / being groomed

...   is fearful at the vets

...   chews everything

...   is afraid of loud noises

...   isn't good with other dogs

...   has separation anxiety   ..."


Or maybe you simply want to learn some new tricks and games with your dog, so that you’ve got some fresh ideas for having fun together!

The dedicated time and attention of a trainer during one-to-one sessions enables an in-depth assessment and understanding of your dog's needs and your training objectives, followed by focused coaching and practice, which together can help to manage and resolve behaviour and training issues much more quickly than can realistically be achieved in a group training environment. In addition, for some dogs, owners and training requirements, classes are simply not a suitable environment for effective learning.


One-to-one training support is offered via video call, and / or in-person in Covid-secure environments, which may include your garden, public outdoor settings or a third-party outdoor training facility.


Initial consultation / training session:

£50.00  -  1 hour 30 minute session


Follow-up training sessions:

£40.00  -  1 hour session


Written behaviour plan:

£TBC  -  the price of a written behaviour plan will depend on the extent and complexity of the issues that it is required to address. We will provide you with a quote for the production of a plan for your dog following the initial consultation


For in-person training, mileage (depending on location of training session, charged at 45p per mile each way), and third party venue hire, may be chargeable as additional extras. We will let you know if any of these charges will apply before you confirm your appointment.

To register your interest in booking a One-to-One Training session, please complete the Registration Form on the Booking Information page.

What clients say

“I contacted Sara to help control my 8 month old Sprocker, I was at my wits end. Our first 121 lesson lasted an hour, and by the time Sara left my puppy had practically stopped pulling on her lead and was starting to improve with the door dashing. Sara was an inspiration, she had such a good rapport with my pup who absolutely loved her. Calm and patient with such a wealth of knowledge about dogs, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a novice with dogs like myself, or just wants help with training. We kept up the training and our little Sprocker is now a pleasure to take for a walk.”

Amanda and Pepper the Sprocker Spaniel

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