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One-to-One Dog Training / Dog Behaviour Support

One-to-one dog training / dog behaviour support provides you with the opportunity to receive the exclusive attention of a trainer to work with you, focusing specifically on behaviours / training goals that are most important to you and your puppy / dog, at a time and in a location that are most convenient for you.

Do your regularly find yourself saying things like:

"My dog  ...

...   pulls on the lead

...   won't come back when called

...   jumps up at people​

...   mouths, nips, bites

...   won't stop barking

...   is scared of strangers

...   can't settle

...   toilets in the house

...   resource-guards food / toys / spaces / people

...   digs up the garden

...   doesn't like having their nails clipped / being groomed

...   is fearful at the vets

...   chews everything

...   is afraid of loud noises

...   isn't good with other dogs

...   has separation anxiety   ..."

Or maybe you simply want to teach your dog a range of key life skills, and / or learn some new tricks and games with your dog, so that you’ve got some fresh ideas for having fun together!

The dedicated time and attention of a trainer during one-to-one sessions enables an in-depth assessment and understanding of your dog's needs and your training objectives, followed by focused coaching and practice, which together can help to manage and resolve behaviour and training issues much more quickly than can realistically be achieved in a group training environment. In addition, for some dogs, owners and training requirements, classes are simply not a suitable environment for effective learning.

We also offer 'shared private training', so if you and a friend would like to train your dogs together (if appropriate to the type of training involved), you can split the price of a training session between you!

One-to-one training in your home / garden also means that you can start a puppy's training as soon as they come home, rather than waiting until they have completed their vaccination course in order to be able to join group training classes.




For general life skills training (e.g. lead work; recall; stopping jumping-up; house-training etc):

1 hour session (in-person or via video call):  £45.00 (+ £10 for every additional 10 minutes) including provision of detailed follow-up training notes via email.

For behaviour and training support for dogs demonstrating fearful behaviour - which may be observed as reactivity or withdrawal (e.g. barking at visitors to the home; growling and lunging at people and / or dogs on walks; hiding / running away from sounds / touch; howling, destruction or catatonic behaviour when left home alone; growling and snapping when approached in possession of valued resources etc):

Please contact Sara to discuss the behaviours you are experiencing with your dog, so that we can propose a suitable package of support tailored to your / your dog's needs.

For in-person support, session / package prices apply to training locations within 5 miles of RG9 1TE. A mileage fee of 50p per mile each way is applicable to any additional miles.

To register your interest in booking a One-to-One Training session, please complete the Registration Form on the Booking Information page.

What clients say

“I contacted Sara to help control my 8 month old Sprocker, I was at my wits end. Our first 121 lesson lasted an hour, and by the time Sara left my puppy had practically stopped pulling on her lead and was starting to improve with the door dashing. Sara was an inspiration, she had such a good rapport with my pup who absolutely loved her. Calm and patient with such a wealth of knowledge about dogs, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a novice with dogs like myself, or just wants help with training. We kept up the training and our little Sprocker is now a pleasure to take for a walk.”

Amanda and Pepper the Sprocker Spaniel

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