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Recall Stars Classes

Ever find yourself saying...?


  • My dog’s recall is great...when there aren’t any distractions


  • Their recall was good until they hit adolescence


  • I call and call and they don’t come back…until they’re ready


  • I’m so worried, they’ve run into the road before


  • It’s embarrassing, I feel like I’ve got not control


  • I’ve chased them across fields for hours


  • They won’t let me put the lead back on at the end of the walk


  • I just don’t trust my dog to come back


We hear you, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!


Reliable recall is at the top of the wish-list for the majority of dog guardians, and this makes sense right!


You want to keep your dog safe - you don’t want them running in front of a car, or bothering other people, dogs or livestock who may be frightened by your dog and react badly to them (and maybe to you!).


Whether your pup’s once reliable recall has waned, your dog’s recall has always been a bit so-so, or you’d most likely tick the ‘non-existent’ box if you were ever asked about your dog’s recall in a survey, we’ve got the course to get your dog turning on their heels and heading in YOUR direction!



How Recall Stars can help you achieve off-lead freedom


Recall Stars is a 6 week, step-by-step training course that shows you how to build a keen and reliable recall response from your dog, EVEN when distractions are present.


Recall Stars will teach you how to:


  • Build a super-charged whistle cue that your dog can’t resist responding to

  • Have fun with your dog throughout your walk, so that staying with and returning to you is a no-brainer

  • Layer your training steps around everyday distractions, so when it comes to the crunch, your dog chooses YOU!

  • Anticipate when a recall attempt is likely to be unsuccessful and know what to do instead

  • Stay positive and calmly in-control if your dog ignores a recall request

  • Avoid common training mistakes that reduce the likelihood of your dog coming back



Does it really work?


Yes! As long as you invest the time and follow the training steps outside of classes too.


You can read what some of our Recall Stars graduates have said about the course in the ‘What Clients Say’ scroller at the bottom of this webpage.



What’s included in Recall Stars?


  • 6 x 45 minute in-person group classes

  • Training notes and videos to support in-class exercises emailed after each class

  • Weekly emailed easy-to-follow homework exercises to fast-track and max-power your recall cue

  • Trainer support between classes via telephone, video call or email

  • A graduation gift for completing the course



Further course details


Will this course suit MY dog?

The course welcomes sociable dogs of any breed, gender and age (from 5 months old upwards), with or without any prior training experience.


How many dogs are there in a class?

A maximum of five dogs are invited to join each course to ensure that everyone gets plenty of individual attention from the trainer.


Who can my dog bring to class?

To help both the dogs and humans concentrate and get the most out of the classes, it is recommended that only one or two people accompany each dog to class. Canine chums are unfortunately not permitted.


Where does the course take place?

Outdoors in a securely-fenced grass paddock at K9 Woodland Services, located just off the A4074 at Summer Barn, Cane End, RG4 9HG (approximately equidistant between the main local towns of Henley-on-Thames, Reading and Wallingford, which are all around a 15 minute drive away).



Next start dates / times:

Visit the Class Dates & Prices page


Book your place!

Complete and submit the Registration Form on the Booking Information page - we’ll email you with what you need to complete your booking.


Got a question? Contact Sara on 07833 662417 or and we’ll be happy to help!



What this course will not do


While Recall Stars provides you with a truck-load of tools to help you dramatically increase the likelihood of your dog running back to you when called, and you are likely to see significant improvement in your dog’s recall over the course of the programme (if you put in regular training with your dog), it is important to highlight that it is outside of the scope of this course to ‘proof’ your dog’s recall in every situation that they may encounter, and your dog’s recall may still be unreliable in certain circumstances, such as:


  • In any environment or situation for which you have not yet practised, or have not yet sufficiently rehearsed, recall responsiveness during your training sessions

  • If your dog has a strong predatory chase drive

  • If your dog has a frightening experience during a walk that causes them to run for safety

What clients say

"We have just completed Sara’s Recall Stars training with our 9 month old Vizsla. We found the course really helpful with lots of valuable information and always lots of homework to take away with us so we had plenty to practise in between lessons. The training area is really big and perfect for recall training. We found Sara to be really knowledgeable and a great teacher and even sending us further information after the course had finished, I would recommend Sara to anyone looking for easy to follow and foolproof training."

Dan and Shelby the Vizsla

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